Alisa Barcan is the founder of The Savvy Corner, a financial coaching business based in the United Kingdom. As a financial coach, she focuses on providing clients with education on money management, offering them support and guidance, and acts as an accountability partner. Alisa’s schedule is always packed with one-to-one or small group meetings. She is a small business owner and can’t afford to waste time on pointless administrative work, which is why she began using MeetFox. MeetFox has made scheduling easier for both her and her clients, ultimately saving her time. 


“As a small business owner, I can’t afford to spend too much time doing activities that are not revenue producing. And the price I paid for MeetFox is far outweighed by the costs of doing this myself.”


Eliminating the back-and-forth scheduling

In 2019, Alisa decided to transform her coaching side-business into her main business. Not only did she begin to acquire more clients, but she also began to receive more email threads with session bookings. Email exchanges such as “Can you do Wed at 2 pm? What about the following Monday?” were becoming more and more prevalent. This scheduling process began to take up too much time, and it gave an unprofessional impression. She knew she needed to find a better way of scheduling clients to support the growth of her business. 

After researching scheduling software, Alisa discovered MeetFox. She was immediately impressed by its scheduling capabilities, and her experience only confirmed her initial thoughts. With MeetFox, Alisa’s clients are able to easily schedule meetings with her. All they have to do is click her MeetFox booking profile to access her availability. And since she integrated MeetFox with her other calendars, she’s able to have all her meetings in one place. To save more time, Alisa also turned on MeetFox’s ability to automatically accept all meeting requests and send meeting reminders. This has automated the scheduling process has freed up time to help her accomplish more.


“It would be very difficult (almost impossible) for me to manage scheduling (given the increased volume of work) without MeetFox.”


Integrating MeetFox with your existing channels

Alisa has been able to integrate MeetFox with her website and her Youtube channel. By easily embedding her MeetFox booking profile into her website and social media posts, she’s able to avoid the hassle of back-and-forth emailing while reaching a wider audience. Clients surfing through her channels, can now easily book a time right there and then.


“I have it embedded on my website and I include the link to it on my social media posts and YouTube channel. From here on, it’s hands off for me.”

Easy-to-join video calls and instant payments

While Alisa uses MeetFox mostly for its scheduling options, she’s also excited to use its simple video calls and automatic payment features all in the same place. She loves that using MeetFox’s video calls does not require any login credentials nor any third-party applications for the client. People meeting simply receive a unique meeting room link and click it to access their virtual session. Plus, these meeting rooms are safe due to MeetFox’s secure communication measures. These aspects ensure that Alisa and her clients can seamlessly navigate their online meetings.


“Perhaps what attracted me the most was the fact that the client didn’t need to install anything on their computer in order to join our live sessions. Saving my clients from creating yet another account is a bonus both in their books and mine.”


Furthermore, MeetFox is able to automatically collect payments when clients are booking a meeting. MeetFox is integrated with Stripe and PayPal to make this an efficient process, and Alisa is looking forward to incorporating this feature into her business model in the future.

Final Thoughts


Ultimately, Alisa enjoys using MeetFox and appreciates the efficiency it’s helped her achieve. She recommends that other coaches and service-based professionals try MeetFox to achieve the same success, and she’s excited for what MeetFox will release next.


“This tool has the potential to become a one-stop shop for successfully managing the client facing (and income producing) activities of a service-based online business.”