Christopher Rodriguez is a professional videographer and the founder of CR Films, a full-service video production agency based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He also runs his wedding film business Forever Yours Films. Christopher is a self-taught artist, and has successfully started and operated his own local businesses. Along with looking to deliver multimedia/content creation solutions to customers, he is always looking to do so in more efficient and effective manners. Using MeetFox for both of his businesses has allowed him to deliver the best possible service while reducing lots of time on administrative work.

Optimizing work with an all-in-one solution

Prior to using MeetFox, Christopher had a separate application to schedule his clients, manage payments, and meet his clients online. He would waste a lot of time shifting through all applications; however, he’s been able to save all that time by using MeetFox. MeetFox’s scheduling, videoconferencing, and payment capabilities make Christopher’s business model simpler and compact. He’s able to avoid the hassle of back-and-forth emailing to schedule a meeting, figuring out the payment method, and determining which videoconference tool to use. 


“It’s a no-brainer if someone wants to free up time by avoiding the back and forth of meeting setup. It’s also a no-brainer if someone charges per consultation. Having it all in one actually streamlines any business.”


Converting more prospective clients

Having scheduling, videoconferencing, and payment capabilities in one place has also helped Christopher convert more prospective clients into returning ones. By simply sharing his links, prospects have a seamless experience of viewing his meeting offerings (such as, introduction meetings, discovery meetings, kick-off meetings, follow-up meetings, etc.), their respective prices and time durations, and his availability for each. Christopher is able to display as many service offerings as he wishes, and they can be easily understood and selected by clients. Furthermore, MeetFox’s easy-to-navigate interface and video solution allows Christophers’ clients to have a simple and satisfying experience when booking Christopher’s time, as well as when meeting him virtually.


“I’ve asked feedback from prospects and clients about the use of Meetfox and everyone has loved it. They say it is easy, it sends them reminders, and everything is painless.


Ultimately, using MeetFox has allowed Christopher to focus more of his time on his clients and less on administrative work. He’s able to attend more clients, while delivering even better great customer service and support.